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Custom music and music video entertainment solutions for retail, restaurant and hospitality

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Snapcast Video

Music video made easy

Entertain, inform and engage customers with music video playlists curated to fit your business needs. Snapcast Video connects to your screens through an HDMI cable to deliver personalized branded content.

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Snapcast Audio

Create your own sound

Be your own radio DJ with Snapcast Audio, a device that easily integrates into your existing sound system to deliver personalized content. Learn more about advertising options and scheduling below.

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What Can Snapcast Do For You?

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Choose what customers see when you want them to see it

Set up custom schedules that control when playlists and advertisements play. Set how often tracks, artists, and advertisements play. Available to both Snapcast Video and Snapcast Audio customers through their account on any web-accessible device.

No need to upgrade: Snapcast works with your existing entertainment system

Snapcast Video outputs high definition video to any number of modern screens equipped with an HDMI port. Snapcast Audio easily plugs into your sound system via a headphone jack. Learn more about system requirements and setup by visiting our FAQs page.

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