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Engage customers like never before with music videos tailored to your clientele

Set the mood as soon as customers walk through your door and keep them entertained with Snapcast Video, a small device capable of playing music videos on any number of modern televisions. Customize as much as you like; Snapcast Video features easy scheduling as well as options to play your own video commercials and display static advertisements. It’s a snap.

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Custom and professional playlists

Only you know your customers: Create your own personalized playlists of music videos, or choose from our playlists curated by experts in the industry. Our library of 50,000+ music videos means you can create an individualized atmosphere for any type of business.

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Customized advertising

Increase customer awareness and drive sales with your own commercials, splash advertisements, and superimposed logo that can always be seen by shoppers. Decide what customers see and when they see it with scheduling based on the time of day.

Show off your logo

Reinforce your brand identity by displaying your logo on screens connected to your Snapcast device. Select from different animation options such as bounce, scale, and other effects.

Use splash advertisements to drive sales

Does your bar offer trivia on Tuesdays? Have a new, exciting product in your store? Let your customers know with splash advertisements! Upload image files in a variety of formats, including jpg, png, gif and more, to display on screen. Finish off your custom advertisement by choosing timing and animation options

Play your own commercials

Don’t limit your commercials to television and online advertising; upload them to your Snapcast device and play them in-store! You decide how often your advertisements play from your online account.

Simple scheduling from one online account

Use your laptop, tablet, or any other web-enabled device to manage your Snapcast. Schedule different playlists throughout the day to reflect the tastes of your changing clientele. The Snapcast Video device will download your content and keep customers entertained even when the internet goes out.

Customize playlists with ease

Create your own playlists of music videos by searching for specific artists or tracks, or by browsing our professional playlists. Set the frequency favorite artists and tracks play, and easily preview content in your browser. Changing up playlists on the go is easy with our mobile-friendly site.

Work with what you have

No need to upgrade your existing technology, Snapcast Video uses HDMI ports to display video on your screens. Connect your device to the internet, schedule your first playlist, and you're ready to take business to the next level.

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Only interested in the music?

Snapcast Audio

We created Snapcast Audio for businesses like yours, seeking to entertain customers with a unique sound that will reinforce your identity and drive sales. Enjoy access to Snapcast’s large music library, advertise with commercials between tracks, and more.

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