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Music has become an ubiquitous part of today’s shopping and dining experiences; give yourself an identity with Snapcast Audio. Choose or create playlists that are energized and encourage spending, calm while customers browse, or quirky and match your business’s unique style. Snapcast Audio is a small device that works with your existing sound system and is easily managed online. It's a snap.

Custom and professional playlists

Only you know your customers: Create your own personalized playlists, or choose from among our playlists curated by experts in the industry. Our library of 50,000+ tracks means you can create a custom atmosphere for any type of business.

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Easy scheduling from one online account

Use your laptop, tablet, or any other web-enabled device to manage your Snapcast Audio device. Schedule different playlists throughout the day to reflect the tastes of your changing clientele. Set the frequency artists and tracks play to your liking. The Snapcast Audio device will download your content and keep customers entertained even when the internet goes out.

Keep your speakers

No need to upgrade your existing sound system, Snapcast Audio uses a headphone jack to plug into your speakers and output high quality music. Connect your device to the internet, schedule your first playlist, and you're ready to take business to the next level.

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Want entertain customers with the latest and greatest music videos?

Snapcast Video

One device, as many screens as you like; display music videos and your own commercials in-store to increase sales and customer engagement. All of our users, big or small business, get the same access to Snapcast's huge library of videos, updated with new content daily.

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